Employee Recognition: Beyond the Gifts

MarketWatch recently shared popular gifts given to employees in honor of various work anniversaries. And, while a new television or kitchen appliance is a great gift to get after the work is done, the experience and celebration you create during the recognition that reinforces the personal connection is even more imperative. It is important to […]

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How to Re-engage An Unhappy Employee

The world is an unhappy place when you don’t like your job. Job dissatisfaction is the gateway to disengagement, disengagement leads to lowered performance, and lowered performance affects your bottom line. However, if an employee is disengaged they rarely verbalize it to their manager, which is a problem. Managers must not only be able to […]

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Hug a Medical Assistant This Week

Here at Michael C. Fina we love recognizing employees for all the great things they do. When we get the chance to praise someone’s dedication to their job, multiple party horns go off, confetti falls from the ceilings, and sweet electric guitar riffs echo through the halls. That’s why we’re super-excited for Medical Assistants Recognition […]

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Essentially, You’re What is Called…

The partisan battle over Obamacare has resulted in a government shutdown, the first since a three-week period in late 1995. The hope is that Congress can clean up this mess before the public realizes how much damage they’ve truly caused. Meanwhile, the government employees most affected this week—the “non-essentials”—get to sit home and wonder how […]

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Employee Engagement: Dancing to a Different Tune

In the midst of the awkward Miley Cyrus appearances, talking cats and lovable toddlers currently taking over viral video, we were recently treated to a creative and unique submission—the employee resignation. Formerly a producer for an animation studio, Marina Shifrin finally became fed up with her long hours (the clip begins with a graphic that […]

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