4 Tips to Make Sure Team Members Working From Home Aren’t Overlooked

You might have an open door policy at work, but what does that mean for employees who never set foot in the office? Over the last decade, telecommuting has grown from a fringe benefit to an essential business tool. In fact, data from GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com shows a near 80 percent increase in remote working between 2005-2012. In […]

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Sony Cyber Attack

The Sony Hack and the Dangers of Disengagement

Sony Pictures was the victim of an unprecedented cyberattack on Nov. 24, when a group identifying themselves as “Guardians of Peace” took control of the Hollywood studio’s computers and made off with around 100 Terabytes (that’s 100,000 GB) of sensitive documents, videos, and financial information. Among the items stolen were DVD screeners of five upcoming […]

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Holiday party

Tips for Throwing an Engaging Holiday Party

Thanksgiving is behind us, sleigh bells are ringing, and the holiday season is in full swing. For many offices this means the annual holiday party is just around the corner. Holiday parties are a great way to express gratitude for your employees’ hard work, strengthen their connection to the organization, and create memorable experiences—the secret […]

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