The Power of Presentation

As the Finas modernized the employee recognition industry with Lifestyles Gifts, they faced a challenge of how to present this to the employee’s being recognized. Previously managers would present employees with their gift but this couldn’t be done with televisions, barbeques, and other lifestyle products. While the gift was important, it wasn’t nearly as important as the personal recognition from the managers. The Fina’s took on the challenge and the result was a presentation box that contained an award, lifestyles catalog, and memento. Customers loved it so much it prompted one customer to announce, “that box is unbelievable, it is magic!” The Magic Box provides organizations with a consistent, convenient way to recognize all their employees. It gives managers the opportunity to take a moment and personally congratulate employees for their dedication in today’s fast paced, over technological world. With over 100 variations, our Magic Box employee award is completely customizable to suit your business needs.

Personalized Global Options Along with the Magic Box, we offer several global presentation options for our customers. Our two most popular options are the Global Magic Padfolio and Magic Folder. Both options are perfect for global customers who want to keep duties and shipping costs low for international distribution.